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     The foreground is the metal sculpture, The Great Frog Gate, located at the northeast corner of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Valleyheart Drive. The gate was developed by Melanie Winter and the LA Riverway Project.  It evolved from an art challenge given to Carpenter Avenue Elementary School, where the students were tasked with designing an entrance for this pilot project. The frog made perfect sense.  If you ask my old friend Gaynor Peet, he’ll tell you that back in the day he and his buddies skinny dipped in the river and caught crawfish and frogs until the Bureau of Engineering thought a cement river was a better idea.
     The background streetscape on the book cover features many of the anchor businesses in Studio City which have been imaginatively jockeyed around.  No - PINZ has not moved near Bookstar.  It’s a way to honor the local businesses which have been in Studio City for years.
     On the lower right corner two men have been plucked from the mosaic located on the front of the Chase bank on the northeast corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevard.  Thousands of people walk and drive by this Millard Sheets mosaic without giving it a second thought.  The book cover has pulled the Director, and his sound man (to his right) as if they were recording the scene along Ventura Boulevard.

Joann Deutch, Author
Studio City – A Mile of Style

Book Cover Designer: Oron Mendel

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