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   If you live, work here, or have in the past, you know why Studio City is a GREAT community.  Sometimes U forget what started the whole thing.  Studio City -  A Mile of Style is what Mack Sennett called the community where he made his big move in the Entertainment Industry.  Studio City has always been important to California and U. S. history.

                                                                                        - Studio City was not just a lucky fluke -​




​   It’s been an exciting journey to be able to trace the evolution of Studio City. It had a remarkable collection of local newspapers: The Girard; The Lankershim Press; The Laconic News, and The Star.  Surprisingly there are few copies remaining of these old newspapers. This story is pieced together from regional newspaper articles and ads which made reference to Studio City along with original public documents and interviews. Often there are several conflicting accounts of the same event. The discrepancies might have been a function of stories being changed or embellished in the re-telling. This is the first time this information has been assembled in one place where Studio City takes center stage. The 1800s was a busy time for the area.  Studio City was known as Lankershim, and later as part of North Hollywood.  Studio City served as the gateway and transformation point from Los Angeles as it began to blossom from pueblo to city. In the 1920s, with the arrival of Mack Sennett, Studio City was acknowledged as a community unto itself, separate from the mining, farming and agriculture in the San Fernando Valley.  

                                                                                                                                                                                          Joann R. Deutch, Studio City, California



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Studio City Camera Exchange

Bernie Thorsch owned the shop which sold new and used camera equipmment. The store was originally located near Art's Deli. Bernie's dad invented the Thorsch camera lens. Bernie always bragged that he hadn't missed a Chamber of Commerce meeting in 35 years.