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Joann Deutch  with the Heroic Mortality sculpture

                          Radford Artwalk   | : ;-)

About the Author 

   Joann Deutch, the author of the book Studio City – A Mile of Style.  Her law practice has been in Studio City for almost 25 years. She is a transplanted New Englander who worked as a tour guide during college.  The search for Studio City’s back-story began innocently enough.  Soon after moving here she quickly learned that everyone had, and still has, a tale to tell. Joe Goodman swears that John Lennon gave him a lift up Laurel Canyon when he was hitchhiking. Adults from all over the city reminisce about the Cinnamon Cinder, an under 18 night club, in Studio City.  

       The author became a passionate champion of Studio City. Along with Tony Lucente of the Studio City Residents  Association they worked to found todays Studio City Neighborhood Council. They and Alan Ravert collaborated to bring the Farmers Market to Ventura Place.
        While she served as the President of the Chamber the only mention of Studio City seemed to be of traffic accidents on the 101. People needed to learn that Studio City was much more than a blip on a traffic report.


                        --  Gathering together the fascinating and colorful back-story of Studio City seemed to be the next logical step --

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Studio City - A Mile of Style

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Studio City, California

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